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The containers are not evenly distributed

Question asked by dimamah on Jun 12, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2013 by dimamah
I have a 10 servers cluster. 
When i look at the disk in the MapR UI (Cluster>Nodes>Disk [from drop-down]) 
I see that the data is not evenly distributed in the cluster. 
Servers 2-10 are ~26% used while server 1 is ~49% used and they all have same amount of disks. 
I've gone over "hadoop mfs -lss"  output for the entire cluster and it seems that Server 1 has 393 containers while the rest have 201-209 containers. 
All the storage pools are the same size..

The balancer setting is : "cldb.balancer.disk.threshold.percentage":"50" 
I understand that after 50% the balancer will start working and balance the cluster 

But i don't understand why this is happening from the beginning? 
Is there a specific reason this is happening on Server-1? (Hive is running on that server only)