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What is easy way to make a single node cluster barebone ( tasktracker )

Question asked by sks on Jun 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2013 by sks

I am experimenting one idea. Given smart configuration of Hadoop by Mapr, what would be easiest way to decommission a single node cluster and reincarnate to single seperate bare metal node to run just tasks?

Assume you have M3 vmware image. That is up and running. As first step, I  stopped warden and zookeeper on the single node cluster. I removed only line in mapr-clusters.conf file. It is blank.  Now, I restarted zookeeper and warden. Ideally, Mapr should be able to start the node with file services,web services, cldb etc. without joining any cluster.

Here is the result:

mapr@mapr-desktop2:/opt/mapr/conf$ sudo service mapr-warden status<br>
WARDEN running as process 12223.

mapr@mapr-desktop2:/opt/mapr/conf$ sudo service mapr-zookeeper status <br>
JMX enabled by default

Using config: /opt/mapr/zookeeper/zookeeper-3.3.2/conf/zoo.cfg <br>
zookeeper running as process 12047.

mapr@mapr-desktop2:/opt/mapr/conf$ sudo maprcli service list<br>

As you see, services do not startup if you blanked mapr-clusters.conf file. I know there is complex way of decommissioning a node. I want a very simple way. What that would be? Why clearing config file should not work?