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CLDB will not start - Log says Rejecting with RPC 3

Question asked by sks on Jun 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2013 by abhinav
I was able to build a 2 node cluster.  Then, I wanted to rebuild my task node as full 1 node cluster.  I did change mapr-clusters.conf to original one and  reran on task node with -C and -Z option pointing to task node again. Default cluster is

Zookeeper starts fine. CLDB will not start when warden starts. Error message is

**Procedure id 5 .. rejecting with RPC 3 .. waiting for keystore to become master**

It appears to me that the keystore has intelligence that this node was a slave, which is true.  Has anybody seen this kind of issue and how did you solve it? We spent some time, then we went back to gold vm image for sake of time.