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Tutorial - Getting Started with MapR Native Tables - Failures

Question asked by dave on May 20, 2013
Latest reply on May 21, 2013 by dave lists 3 ways to create a table and am having issues with all 3 approaches.

 1.  HBase shell

     a.  "create '/user/mapr/development', 'stage'"

         This command results in the following error:

         ERROR: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal character <47> at 0. User-space table
         names can only contain 'word characters': i.e. [a-zA-Z_0-9-.]: /user/mapr/development

     b.  "Type get '/user/mapr/development', 'row1' to display the contents of row 1."

         How is data supposed to be displayed when the table is empty?  Is there a missing step to
         add data to the table?

     c.  "Type drop '/user/mapr/development' to drop the table and delete all data."

         Is there a missing step to Disable the table before it is deleted?

 2.  With the MapR Control System

     a.  In the MCS Navigation pane under the MapR Data Platform group, click Tables. The Tables
         tab appears in the main window.

         There isn't a "Tables" option in the MCS Navigation pane under the MapR-FS node. 

     b.  $ mkdir /mapr/

         That statement threw an error.  Instead, the following 2 commands ran successfully: 

         $ mkdir /mapr/
         $ mkdir /mapr/

 3.   With the MapR CLI

      a.  $ maprcli table create -path /user/analysis/tables/table02

          resulted in the following error:
          Could not find Interface for a command: [table, create, -
          path, /user/analysis/tables/table02]

How can these issues be addressed?