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CLDB and Dead/Replacement Nodes

Question asked by impermisha on May 20, 2013
Latest reply on May 21, 2013 by impermisha
We had a node die. It was rebuilt from scratch with the same name.  Tasktracker will not launch on that box, complains that it can't create the correct volumes.  However FS is filling up nicely.  Looking at it in more detail it looks like CLDB still has the old node there that died and is not recoverable.  I removed the "new" node (warden stop, maprcli node remove), however can't seem to get the "dead" one out, which I am assuming is what is causing problems

In CLDB now
7ef73573ba69afd1  9148839939191451601  c10-n011.upstream.priv  /default-rack/c10-n011.upstream.priv  1046750  DEAD  0 MB  0 MB  0 MB  0

Doing  maprcli node list -json
I do not see it. Nor is it in the UI.