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HBase: Where is mapred.task.idhb_m_ config value?

Question asked by thealy on May 17, 2013
Latest reply on May 21, 2013 by thealy
We are running HBase 0.94.5-mapr on Version 2.1.3 / M3.

Our cluster has all nodes connected to a private (192.168.x.x) network, and about a dozen with a second interface on a public (routed) subnet. My problem is that and RegsionServers that have only a private connection cannot reach the active HBase master since it's advertised IP address is on the other network. There are 3 HM, all co-located with ZK, all configured with their FQDN on the private address.

When I look at the header of the HBase page of the UI, it identifies the active master by the public (wrong) IP address; viewing the "HBase Configuration" child page (which badly needs some formatting, BTW), I can see a configuration variable called "mapred.task.idhb_" which appears to be the origin of the "wrong" FQDN for the Master. But I cannot find where I can set this in the configuration.

Can anyone tell me how to set the HM IP/FQDN to the proper value? (The RegionServers with connections on both subnets are working fine).