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node failure - disks offline

Question asked by crazymonkey on May 16, 2013
Latest reply on May 16, 2013 by crazymonkey
  I've setup a new M5 cluster on 8 blades (all exactly the same hw config). The idea was to somewhat (no HA) mimic the suggested small HA M5 cluster from the install guide - in my case i wanted to have 7 file server nodes (nodes 2-8), 1 node for NFS gateway and CLDB (node 2), ZK on (nodes 1,2,3) and web server on node 1. When i bring up the cluster nodes 3-8 show up with alarm stating (all mapr-fs disks on the node are dead or offlined), node 2 is ok. When trying to see the state of disks in the "failed" nodes i get :

 /opt/mapr/server/mrconfig sp list

ListSPs resp: status 0:1
No. of SPs (1), totalsize 0 MB, totalfree 0 MB

SP 0: name SP1, Online, size 0 MB, free 0 MB, path /dev/sdb1

I went through removing and adding back the disk via web console and also via disk setup utility, but no luck. Only after i added mapr-nfs package to nodes 3-8 and started nfsserver there, nodes 3-8 came up without error. Is that an expected behavior? I'm using v2.1.3.
Thank you.