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AWS Data Pipeline, instance type not supported?

Question asked by whoahbot on May 13, 2013
Latest reply on May 21, 2013 by davidtucker
Good morning,

I'm trying to run a data pipeline job using the m3 distribution, using m1.xlarge core and task instances, and I'm getting the error:
`The supplied supported product is not valid with the supplied instance types`

My data pipeline definition looks like this:

      "name": "Cluster",
      "masterInstanceType": "m1.xlarge",
      "supportedProducts": ["mapr,--edition,m3"],
      "taskInstanceCount": "5",
      "enableDebugging": "true",
      "coreInstanceCount": "1",
      "taskInstanceType": "m1.xlarge",
      "type": "EmrCluster"

The args under supportedProducts match what I found in the documentation here: