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Metrics Write Problem

Question asked by rschool on May 10, 2013
Latest reply on May 13, 2013 by rschool
Having a small issue with 5 node mapr cluster.  Most of the time, nodes report as being healthy, green.  Occasionally however, one of the nodes gets degraded, always the same node, with the flag : Metrics Write problem.  The status always returns back to green in a mater of seconds, and if its ever the case that it remains degraded for longer than a couple of seconds, when clicking on the node to view the node details the status return to green and the metric write problem flag disappears.  On one occasion, I received a flag stating that the metrics table has been reported as crashed and must be restarted, but upon investigating the flag disappeared and the node return to healthy status.  Everything seems to be working fine, I have accumulo distributed across the cluster and am writing and scanning no problem.