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CLDB Stops When Adding an Out of Sync Node

Question asked by impermisha on May 7, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2015 by nabeel
We were adding a couple of new nodes to the cluster. One them had bad hardware so it was live for a day and then failed, lets call it node 10.  While waiting for replacement parts we had a CLDB failure on node 1 (the node it was on went down and long and short CLDB was forced to be migrated to a new node). CLDB was migrated to node 2 and life was good again.  We repaired the bad node, node 10, and brought it back in. We forgot to run a with the new CLDB IP on node 10.  Oddly enough CLDB running in its new home, node 2, decided to shut down - obviously not liking node 10.  Seems like odd behavior for 1 "bad" worker node to be able to deep six the entire cluster.  Or am I missing something?