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MapR Not Respecting hive.warehouse.subdir.inherit.perms

Question asked by mandoskippy on May 3, 2013
I have a volume for my Hive Warehouse, it's owned by user1, but the permissions are set on it to be user1:group1.

(and all data is set as such)

In my hive-site, I have set
hive.warehouse.subdir.inherit.perms to be true.  The Description there is: Set this to true if the the table directories should inherit the permission of the warehouse or database directory instead of being created with the permissions derived from dfs umask

The expected behavior, since the /user/hive/warehouse director is owned by user1:group1, would be any new table created would be created with the permissions of the warehouse directory (i.e. user1:group1) however, in practice the new table maprfs permissions are user1:user1 (the owner of the volume).  Thoughts?