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Does M7 Region-less HBase Help Fix Hot Node Issues?

Question asked by mrchips on Apr 26, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2013 by Ted Dunning
In the M7 Whitepapers it is mentioned that your design for HBase is "Region-less".  Does this design help in resolving the classic "Hot Node" problem that occurs when the row-keys for a given table are monotonically-increasing?

Background: In a traditional HBase implementation, sending ever-increasing row-keys would result in a hot-region for the region in which that table resides, with all the writes going to one box at a time, depending on which RegionServer is handling the last split in that table.  Typically hashing or munging of row-keys is needed in this scenario to distribute them evenly among RegionServers to avoid this. 

Does M7's design help reduce or remove this issue?