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Hadoop Eclipse plugin

Question asked by whitepaper2409 on Apr 5, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2013 by peterconrad
Hi All,

I have installed the Hadoop 1.04 on the Red Hat Linux 5 . I want to install the Eclipse any version on Windows 7 and want to use that Windows  Eclipse for Development of Hadoop .

I tried to google and download Hadoop plugins for the same . But i am not able to configure it on windows . Though with same plugins i am able to configure it on Linux system itself where Hadoop is running .

1.) So back to Original Question :- How to configure Hadoop Eclipse Plugin on Windows while your Hadoop 1.04 is running on Linux ?

Please sent me clear steps to How Built a Plugin and how to add those 5 jars which we have to add .As i tried to add those jars to Plugins and it did not worked .

There is no document online which clearly tells step by step to do it .  Thanks in advance .
Please sent me the clear instructions how to follow these steps :-

The general approach is to

   1. checkout the code from Apache's SVN
   2. modify in /src/contrib/eclipse-plugin and add
   eclipse.home=<path to eclipse>
   3. download apache forrest 0.8 and sun jdk 5
   4. run ant command as "ant clean package
   -Djava5.home=/opt/java/jdk1.5.0_22 -Dforrest.home=/opt/apache-forrest-0.8"
   (replace the paths as per your config)
   5. you should be online for this
   6. after that eclipse plugin should be there in
   7. Now the plugin thus made is not correct
   8. open the jar and add the jars of the following in /lib of the jar-
   commons-configuration, commons-lang, jackson-core-asl,jackson-mapper-asl
   9. modify MANIFEST.MF in /META-INF of the jar to include these paths
   such as "Bundle-ClassPath:
   10. copy this jar to plugins folder of eclipse
   11. run "eclipse -clean"
   12. switch to map reduce perspective

I tried to follow it but don't succeed .