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MapR ODBC Driver

Question asked by chk on Mar 12, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2014 by venkatmapr
I'm trying to use the MapR/Simba ODBC Driver to connect the M3 VMWare image with Hiveserver running. I can connect locally with hive -h localhost

However when I create an ODBC connection I get this error, either when testing the connection or if not when using it another tool.

Driver Version: V1.2.0.1005
Attempting connection
Failed to establish connection
SQLSTATE: HY000[DSI] The error message HardyThriftHiveClientError could not be found in the en-US locale. Check that \en-US\SimbaHiveODBCMessages.xml exists.


I've checked that the messages.xml file does indeed exist, but there is no HY000 message.