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ODBCDataAdapter DROP TABLE command

Question asked by toadrw on Feb 27, 2013

I'm using your driver to develop a query tool for Hadoop (Hive .9).  This tool currently connects to about 14 data sources including Teradata, Netezza, ParAcceel, Kognitio and SQL Server.  We also have a generic ODBC connection which I've used to connect to new data sources such as Redshift.

Here is the issue. We're using the ODBCDataAdapter.UpdateCommand.ExecuteNonQuery() to run a DROP TABLE <tablename> command against Hadoop.

If a table exists the command runs and drops the table.  If the table doesn't exist the command still runs except there is no error generated ... :/  We are not using the IF EXISTS construct.

I'm wondering if this is a driver issue, a Hive issue or if it might be something we are doing?

Thank you for your help!