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node metrics

Question asked by johnshaan on Feb 18, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2013 by johnshaan

I have a 5 node cluster with one node running jobtracker, etc and the other 4 nodes are data nodes. I am trying to access the node metrics using

maprcli node metrics -nodes <node-name> -start <start-date> -end <end-date> -interval 1800 -columns LOAD1PERCENT

But the command returns empty without giving any values.

I looked at where these values will be coming from and I found that for each node in the cluster there is a metrics file every hour at
/var/mapr/local/<nodename>/metrics  and realized that all the files for my start-date and end-date are all there.

Question 1 - Why this command returned empty?

Question 2 - If I were to access metrics directly from those files, what format are those files are in?

I would appreciate if somebody could provide answers to these questions. Thanks in advance.