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Rereplication Delay

Question asked by mandoskippy on Feb 7, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2013 by peterconrad
Is there a delay from the time a node may be restarted or a warden restarted to when the cluster freaks out (I do believe that is a highly technical term for this situation) and starts aggressively rereplicating data? The reason I am asking is we had a small issue that required me to restart my warden, and I did a restart, not a stop/start, just a ./mapr-warden restart and replication alarms went off. You'd think there'd be a bit of a delay when the cluster is saying
"Hey, where's Bob go? (Bob is the node name and adds a personal touch to this question" 
"Anyone seen Bob?"
"Hey um, isn't Bob the one who was supposed to pay for this dinner?"
Then after the restart Bob rushes up
"Sorry I'm right here, but I got the Waitresses phone number!"

And they have a good laugh, and don't bother replicating their wallets to serve the data.

(Yes, I came up with that analogy, on the spot this morning)