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Why getting epic fails on signle node installation?  Faceplam the documentation?

Question asked by charles on Jan 26, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2013 by Ted Dunning
I have been trying to get a single node installed an have been really failing at this, I wonder if it is Mapr and their website?  Using Centos 5.9 final

 * I create a user and group hduser in hdgrouop
generate a SSH key and add key to known hosts

 * Jdk 1.6 installed

 * RHEL EPEL installed
 * IPV 6 disabled
 * add the Mapr repository

 * Make the install directory

    mkdir /opt/install-mapr
    cd /opt/install-mapr
    chmod 744 maprinstall

 * Make storage file for dev

* create directory

    mkdir /hfsfiles

* create 20 GB flatfile

    dd if=/dev/zero of=/hfsfiles/storagefile bs=1G count=20

* Make disks.txt

    nano /tmp/disks.txt

* add /hfsfiles/storagefile

* use sestatus to ensure SELinux disabled


    su -
    cd /opt/install-mapr

Now the EPIC Fails start..

I'm getting prompted

    Install Mapr from a config (Roles) file (y/n) ?
    Enter a comma seperated list of packages to be installed on this node
    Enter a comma-seperated list of CLDBs for this cluster
    Enter a comma-seperated list of Zookeeper for this cluster

Getting an error

    Invalid disk /dev//hfsfiles/storagefile

I finally put in `/dev/sdb` to get past the prompt

 1. It appears like the swap size (4 GB) is less than 2 * memory (16 GB) -- this is something I can fix with gparted not an issue

I can get the entire process prepped and then something goes to crap... (laughing) I guess the high-end products???? huh

Total download size: 176 M
Downloading Packages: [Errno 4] Socket Error: timed out
Trying other mirror.

What I really need is a script for a simple install to essentially get what is on the Ubuntu VMware examples running local

Can somebody suggest a script or look at my logs?

Honest up guys I have tweaked obscure video drivers in Linux and have plain vanilla Hadoop running now at home, just can't get this stuff installed so I can evaluate some of the features

Was it really a web-timeout at Mapr, big cloud company?
I'm frustrated with the documentation, it is like an epistemological Evel Knievel is taking huge leaps and jumps with the documentation some well down and some epic-fail

Can somebody help me get this going so I can do an AoA?

![alt text][1]