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M3: Moving NFS server

Question asked by thealy on Nov 26, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2012 by thealy
Running V2.0.0 in small (21) node cluster with most nodes RedHat. NFS has been working fine, but I need to migrate it to a better system before upgrading to V2.1.0. Here is what I did:

 - Stopped clients using NFS mount; unmounted.
 - Stopped NFS server on node (HD5)
 - Stopped mapr-warden on new NFS server (HD10); Installed mapr-nfs package; updated roles file; re-ran; re-started mapr-warden.
 - Logs look fine (I think); Web UI shows NFS server running on new node (HD10). No alarms on HD10.
 - Attempted mount from remote client with: sudo mount hd10:/mapr /mapr
 - Response: mount.nfs: No route to host. (Same response with fully qualified name for HD10). Can ping with either address.

From the page it says "The portmapper service must be running. You can use the ps a | grep portmap command to check." but I see no such thing running. How to start it?

Do I have to change anything license wise to switch hosts?