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Install Mapr and flat file for storage evaluation install question

Question asked by charles on Nov 23, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2012 by charles
I'm looking at the installation requirements and I see that the "flat file for storage" is not recommended.

My question is this, if I had Ubuntu 64 desktop installed (on a DV6500) with 4 gig memory and I upgraded that "old laptop" which is Intel Core Duo CPUT7300 @ 2GHZ x 2 with a new 1TB hdd is it a reasonable assumption that I could get a "single-node cluster" running?

I ask because I see the /opt directory requirements and I was wondering if I could use logical partitions? 

I don't see allot of lab-setup documentation, my goal is to use the hparser tool by informatica and just do some hello-world type scripts

Or is there a well documented script/instructions getting Ubuntu Desktop or Server up and running with lab-evaluating purposes in mind?  Though the process would be slow would mounting an external USB drive for OPT be acceptable and does the "flat file for storage" work?

Can I get some specifics (or sound reccomendations) on what is needed at a minimum for a reliable lab and evaluation environmnet?