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Can't add node to M3 cluster

Question asked by thealy on Nov 6, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2012 by thealy
I'm attempting to add a new node to my small (12) M3 cluster running version 2.0.0.

Two systems were added today with this same procedure, but the current RedHat system seems to be stuck in a loop trying to get added to the cluster. Once I start warden, I see continual repeats of the log sequence shown below on the host that I'm attempting to add ( in the log file maprcli-mapr-21396.log.

The Web UI never sees the new machine.

Any suggestions?


Header: hostName:, Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time, processName: MapRCLI, processId: 11491, MapR Build Version:

2012-11-06 15:56:43,439 INFO  com.mapr.cliframework.driver.CLIMainDriver [main]: [node, list, -columns, hostname, -noheader]
2012-11-06 15:56:43,472 INFO  com.mapr.baseutils.cldbutils.CLDBRpcCommonUtils [main]: init
2012-11-06 15:56:43,520 INFO  com.mapr.baseutils.cldbutils.CLDBRpcCommonUtils [main]: ZKConnect:,
2012-11-06 15:56:43,661 INFO  com.mapr.baseutils.zookeeper.ZKDataRetrieval [main-EventThread]: Process path: null. Event state: SyncConnected. Event type: None
2012-11-06 15:56:43,661 INFO  com.mapr.baseutils.zookeeper.ZKDataRetrieval [main]: Connected to ZK:,
2012-11-06 15:56:43,665 INFO  com.mapr.baseutils.zookeeper.ZKDataRetrieval [main]: Getting servicesMap
2012-11-06 15:56:43,723 INFO  com.mapr.baseutils.zookeeper.ZKDataRetrieval [main]: Getting configServicesMap
2012-11-06 15:56:44,004 INFO  com.mapr.cli.common.ListCommand [main]: in hasMore:: Last fetched record count is 0. no more records to fetch
2012-11-06 15:56:44,012 INFO  com.mapr.cliframework.driver.CLIMainDriver [main]:,