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M3 - CLDB Move Results and Issues

Question asked by mandoskippy on Oct 25, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2012 by nabeel
So I went forth with my move with some guess work.   Here's what I did

I installed mapr-cldb on my new node, ran configure (still pointing at the old CLDB) CLDB ran. Good. I noticed on the cldb volume, the new cldb was now getting an rsync of that volume.. GOOD GOOD :)  So waited over night.

In the morning, I checked, and sure enough the new cldb node now had a fully synced copy of the CLDB volume. So I did this.  I stopped the CLDB on the old CLDB, and ran configure on the cluster to point to the new CLDB.   So no dice at this point. I am over an two hours into things, and my cluster is not coming up. The new CLDB is now showing "CLDB: INITIALIZE" and is just hanging there.  I thought about dropping all nodes in the cluster (stopping the mapr-warden and restarting) but I figured I'd ask first. How long should it take for my new  CLDB to initialize?  Is there something I need to at this point?