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Setting mapred.task.timeout?

Question asked by chriscurtin on Oct 23, 2012
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We've tried setting it in /opt/mapr/hadoop/hadoop-0.20.2/conf/mapred-site.xml on all nodes and bouncing both the Jobtracker and all the TaskTrackers, but it always defaults back to 600 seconds.

We want to increase it since some jobs are taking about 12 - 15 minutes to complete the 'commit' part of a step and there is no counter updates during the 'commit'.

The only thing I can think of causing the 'commit' to run really long is moving the files created in the _temporary to the parent directory. This is using Cascading to do a 'binning' process so there are 10's of thousands of files being moved around.

This is on

Last thing in the log before the task is killed:

    2012-10-23 12:44:18,752 INFO cascading.tap.hadoop.Hadoop18TapUtil: committing task: 'attempt_201210231233_0001_r_000000_0' - maprfs://