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Replace CLDB in M3 Cluster

Question asked by mandoskippy on Oct 9, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2012 by nabeel
I am finally upgrading my VM based cluster, and by doing so, I will be moving some important roles off VMs and on physical hardware. One of the first roles I want to move off is the CLDB role.  (I'd like to get that on a physical box and down the road get the Job Tracker on a physical box).  So without reloading all my data from scratch and 100% starting over, is there any documentation on how to decommission my CLDB role, install MapR on a new node, bring it up, move the dataz and live in data harmony. I am really going for the "Dog and Cats living together" or "Democrats and Republicans working together" level of harmony here... Is it even possible?