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100% disk space usage

Question asked by valentinp on Oct 1, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2012 by valentinp

I've tested MapR with writing large count of small files. All of them were written in root volume.
After some such tests I removed all files and I've got strange thing.

At one of the nodes there are no available disk space. All of 60Gb are in use. Other nodes' disks are empty.

On dashboard utilized = 60Gb and mounted volumes size = 373Mb.

When I list all data in mounted directory there are only logs and some service files with summary size near 1Mb.

I wonder about 60Gb and 373Mb.

Cluster configuration: 4 nodes with CentOS (1 - fs, cldb, zookeeper, 2 - fs, zookeeper, 3,4 - fs).
60Gb on 3 node.