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Node copying and fileservers

Question asked by valentinp on Sep 25, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2012 by nabeel

I was trying to add some nodes (VMs) to MapR cluster which were created by copying of single node. I did not realize that I had to change hostid at least, so nodes were in conflict. I fixed it by reinstalling MapR.
After that, on CLDB page (web control system) there are some inactive nodes.


it says use maprcli node remove -hostid <hostid>. But in 1.2.9 version node remove command allows only node remove -nodes <hostname>. And when I try it, it removes "good" active node with same hostname, but stale nodes still remain.

What is best way to clean node list?

Another one interesting question is what steps are necessary to add nodes which were created by copying of single node. Is it possible, for example re-generate hostid without reinstalling of mapr? And are there other dependencies?