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Single node installation of MapR on CentOs

Question asked by communityadmin on Aug 23, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2012 by sgopinath
Following the instructions for cluster installations (here I used only 1 machine not the VM version) at
this is what happened:

1) I have created the "/opt/install-mapr" directory with the file "mycluster.roles" inside it containing:

" mapr-nfs,mapr-fileserver,mapr-metrics,mapr-tasktracker,mapr-jobtracker,mapr-cldb,mapr-zookeeper, mapr-webserver /dev/sdb,/dev/sdb1,/dev/sdc"

I'm suspicious the above has an error.

2) Then I ran the command$  ./maprinstall -R mycluster.roles -F -u root

And got the following request to enter CLDB and zookeeper machines as follows:

Logging to /opt/mapr/logs/maprinstall.log, /opt/mapr/logs/maprinstall.log.summary
Logging to /opt/mapr/logs/maprinstall.log, /opt/mapr/logs/maprinstall.log.summary
 --- Checking command-line options
 --- Parsing roles file

    Did not find any valid CLDB nodes in mycluster.roles

     Enter a comma-separated list of CLDBs for this cluster:

     Did not find any valid Zookeeper nodes in mycluster.roles

     Enter a comma-separated list of Zookeeper for this cluster:


 --- Installing MapR on node: ---

     For install status, refer to{/opt/mapr/logs/maprinstall.log.1,


    - Checking command-line options ---

    - Checking repository for packages ---

   Could not find MapR packages in the repository. Configure the repository correctly and retry.

     Failed to install on node:

 === Install Report ===

     Install failed on the following nodes:

I checked the errors in "/opt/mapr/logs/" but there are lots of lines to look at.

Where do you think my mistake is?