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Is it possible to use more than 2 web servers in a cluster?

Question asked by jennie on Jul 1, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2012 by jennie
In case of using single web server, if single web server goes down, we can’ monitor or manage Cluster.
So, we tested using 2 web servers. 

There was no issue when single web server was operated in MapR cluster.
In case of installing additional web server on other name node, we couldn’t connect to that node.
Test procedures 

- Client is able to use MCS through Web Server which installed on name01(https://name01:8443).
- Install mapr-webserver on name02
- Using password less, we configure ssh to connect every node within cluster on name02.
- Unable to connect to MCS through web server on name02(https://name02:8443) by client.
Are we able to use more than 2 web servers in a Mapr Cluster?
To use more than 2 web servers, is there anything to need to configure?