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Minimum replication factor and VOLUME_ALARM_DATA_UNDER_REPLICATED

Question asked by akusanagi Employee on May 30, 2012
Latest reply on May 31, 2012 by akusanagi
On my 3-node cluster I created a volume, and set the replication factor to 3 and the minimum replication factor to 1. When I shutdown one of the nodes, the current replication for the volume became 2 and `VOLUME_ALARM_DATA_UNDER_REPLICATED` alarm was raised as below.

![alt text][1]

My expectation was that no alarm would be raised because the current replication was still above the minimum replication factor.

When is the `VOLUME_ALARM_DATA_UNDER_REPLICATED` alarm supposed to be raised? At the minimum replication or below the minimum replication? Or, right below the replication factor?

My MapR version is 1.2.3.