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EC2 whirr error

Question asked by rob_murphy on Jun 1, 2012
I am using the mapr-simple recipe to create a MapR cluster on EC2 and am seeing two errors that look to be Whirr issues;

If I specify an AMI in the config file, I get a classic error that my AMI does not match known AMIs and then a list of every available AMI is returned (a very very long list!).

If I comment out the AMI specifier in the config file, Whirr apparently looks for an ubuntu AMI but then a different error is returned: The AMI ID 'ami-36c64a06' does not exist

I can't see this AMI out there so it in fact might not exist but, if I specificy the AMI or let Whirr do the work, it still bombs out. A see a new security group in the EC2 console for Whirr and the process runs to the point where the AMI's are "instantiated".

Any suggestions?