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mapr adminui webserver does not come up (eg. after reboot)

Question asked by nneubauer on May 10, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2014 by nabeel
I seem to have completed the MapR installation successfully on CentOS 6 (following this guide: ). However after I rebooted my node1 the webserver for the adminui does not come up.

/opt/mapr/adminuiapp/webserver status

tells me

/opt/mapr/logs/ exists with pid 8285 but no adminuiapp server

> [root@diplom09 ~]# /opt/mapr/adminuiapp/webserver status
>/opt/mapr/logs/ exists with pid 8285 but no adminuiapp server.

>[root@diplom09 ~]# /opt/mapr/adminuiapp/webserver stop

> no adminuiapp server to stop

>[root@diplom09 ~]# /opt/mapr/adminuiapp/webserver start

>Starting adminuiapp server, logging to /opt/mapr/logs/adminuiapp.log

After that the server comes up. But mapr-warden seems not to have started correctly as the webui tells me

Couldn't connect to the CLDB service

after I logged in, however /etc/init.d/mapr-warden status tells me warden is running.

Manually restarting mapr-warden solves this but I'd like to have a "complete" setup. Any ideas what I did wrong?