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Single Node Installation Problem

Question asked by wenfeiwu on May 8, 2012
Latest reply on May 9, 2012 by wenfeiwu
Following the instructions online, when I try
sudo /opt/mapr/bin/maprcli acl edit -type cluster -user wenfeiwu:fc

I get  ERROR (10009) -  Couldn't connect to the CLDB service

In createsystemvolumes.log : pippin-hadoop Install : Unable to determine whether is registered with CLDB. Volume(s) will not be created.

In cldb.log :  FATAL com.mapr.fs.cldb.CLDB [main-EventThread]: CLDBShutdown: CLDB was Master. Master lost lock in  ZooKeeper /datacenter/controlnodes/cldb/active/CLDBMaster Shutting down CLDB

In wardon.log: 2012-05-08 11:50:58,601 ERROR com.mapr.warden.service.baseservice.common.ZKUtilsLocking createZKNode [main-EventThread]: 35 SessionExpiredException while trying to createZKNode: /kvstore_locks
2012-05-08 11:50:58,603 ERROR com.mapr.warden.service.baseservice.ServiceLock lockedNode [main-EventThread]: Keeper Exception during znode creation: /kvstore_locks

In maprcli-wenfeiwu-5021.log: 2012-05-07 23:21:47,718 ERROR com.mapr.baseutils.cldbutils.CLDBRpcCommonUtils getDataForParticularCLDB [main]: No data returned in RPC: CLDB Host:, CLDB IP: 7222. Continue searching for correct CLDB

In disksetop.log, there is no error:

***** Starting disksetup: PID 30450 *****

2012-05-08 11:50:47,989 30450 RunCmd:128 INFO GetInfoForDisks:
/opt/mapr/server/mrdisk  /dev/sda3
2012-05-08 11:50:48,453 30450 FixDiskTab:630 INFO Disktab is good to use. Nothing to fix
wenfeiwu@pippin-hadoop:~$ vi /opt/mapr/logs/disksetup.log

Can anyone help me?