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unable to start regionservers on slaves in hbase

Question asked by amsal on Apr 11, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2012 by nabeel
i have a problem starting regionservers on slave pc,s. when i enlist only master pc in conf/regionservers every thing works fine but when i add two more slaves to it the hbase does not start ..... if i delete all hbase folders in the tmp folder from all pc,s and then start regionserver (with 3 regionservers enlisted)the hbase gets started but when i try to create a table it again fails(gets stuck).... pls anyone help i am using hadoop 0.20.0 which is working fine and hbase 0.92.0 i have 3 pc's in cluster(all running windows xp) one master and two slaves

also tell that is DNS (both forward and backward lookup working)necessary for hbase in my case???? is there any way to replicate hbase table to all region servers i.e. i want to have a copy of table at each pc and want to access them locally(when i execute map task they should use their local copy of hbase table) plz help..!! thanx in advance