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facebook/scribe to write to maprfs:///  ?

Question asked by bciceron on Apr 6, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2012 by bciceron

we've got scribe working in ubuntu 10.04 and able to run all config under
 examples/ but when it comes to writing to hdfs:/// ( in our case
 maprfs:///path) using examples/hdfs_example.conf it failes with :

 [Sat Mar 31 08:12:13 2012] "[hdfs] Connecting to HDFS for

 [Sat Mar 31 08:12:15 2012] "[hdfs] disconnecting fileSys for

 [Sat Mar 31 08:12:15 2012] "[hdfs] disconnected fileSys for

 [Sat Mar 31 08:12:15 2012] "[test5] Failed to create/open file of type for

 [Sat Mar 31 08:12:15 2012] "Exception: hdfsListDirectory call failed"

1. the maprfs uri is valide and accessible from this host.
2. the user has r/w access to the parent directory,
3. also patched with and!msg/scribe-server/bInahA88Hfs/DG_PV03aGXMJ...same issue
4. compiled and linked as suggested on issue

curious if others have been able to write to maprfs:/// using scribe