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Could not see MapR metrics in Ganglia

Question asked by viadea on Feb 26, 2012
Latest reply on May 30, 2012 by parham
Hi Team,
I am encountering the same issue as below 2 questions in this forum:

I've followed the user guide to setup Ganglia and mapR.
Ganglia is using all default configuration(multicast). Currently Ganglia web can show all usual metrics, such as CPU,MEM,Network,Disk, etc.
For mapR, I've modified the 2 on all nodes, and also set below 2 parameters:
maprcli config save -values '{"cldb.ganglia.cldb.metrics":"1"}'
maprcli config save -values '{"cldb.ganglia.fileserver.metrics":"1"}'

After all the changes documented in mapR user guide, I restarted the whole cluster and also the ganglia daemons.
But the mapR metrics, such as CLDB and FileServer related, are still not showing in the ganglia webpage.

My questions are:
 1. Do we need to modify ganglia configuration, such as gmond.conf to reflect the more metrics?
 2. I am using xxx.class=org.apache.hadoop.metrics.ganglia.GangliaContext31, but ganglia version is 3.3.
 Is it compatible?