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Rebalancing Across Nodes

Question asked by mandoskippy on Feb 23, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2012 by mandoskippy
I have a node that keeps getting blacklisted within my cluster.  IN doing some research, the nodes mapR disk is full. This is odd in that I have a VM setup with two physical hosts. Each Physical hosts has 4 VMs. Each VM has 1 physical disk attached using raw device mappings. Performance is actually great with this setup. 

That being said, in each host I have two nodes with 1.5 TB drives, 1 node with a 1 TB drive, and 1 host with a 750 GB drive.  The node that is "full" is one of the 1 TB drives.  I'd like to rebalance the cluster so that all drives have the approximately the same % in use. (I understand that the drives with more space will get hit more...)  Is that possible?  It would be nice to not have the node blacklisted.