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Greenplum MR : HBase Best Practices

Question asked by li_wei on Feb 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2012 by nabeel
a prospect ask this question,please help:


in url:,has this guide:

On any node where you plan to run both HBase and MapReduce, give more memory to the FileServer than to the RegionServer so that the node can handle high throughput. For example, on a node with 24 GB of physical memory, it might be desirable to limit the RegionServer to 4 GB, give 10 GB to MapR-FS, and give the remainder to TaskTracker. To change the memory allocated to each service, edit the /opt/ mapr/conf/warden.conf file. See Tuning MapReduce for more information.

For higher performance, make sure fs.mapr.mempool.size is set to 0 in hbase-site.xml to disable shared memory in the file client.

question is :
for Hbase's Best Practices, it seems most of the memory goes to FS instead of Hbase.  For higer performance, my understanding is it is disabling cache.  Can you explain more and why?