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how to connect to the namenode (cldb)

Question asked by peterhit on Jan 16, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2012 by peterhit
please help me to solve this problem.  Please allow me to thank you in advance.
 I have installed the mapr-core and started the warden and zookeeper services. 
 I used dev155 as the namenode and dev155 ,dev154,dev122 as the datanode .
./ -C dev155 -Z dev155,dev154,dev122
the configure.log is
![alt text][1]

after I installed the mapr-core
I can use fsshell(ex:hadoop fs -ls) in dev155(cldb,zookeeper) and dev122(zookeeper) but can't use it in dev154 .all the setup and deployment commant in dev122 and dev154 are the same.
![alt text][2]

  [1]: http://
  [2]: http://

I have two questions .the first one is why it can't connected to dev155 but in dev122 it can do.
the second one is only namenode dev155 use port 9000, I didn't manual configure it on dev154, and I check up 9000 port on dev154 ,i can't find it.(netstat -a |grep 9000) .
I'm very confused,please help me.