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Topology drop down missing from New Volume dialog

Question asked by jamesc on Dec 29, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2011 by lohit
I've created a small M3 cluster of 5 x RHEL5U5 servers, using version  I've been following the steps verbatim from the [M3 RHEL instructions][1], but I've run into a problem when creating volumes.

The "topology" drop down menu item is not appearing in the "Volume Setup" section of the "New Volume" dialog window.  When a new volume is created, its topology is listed as "/", with no ability to change it.  I thought perhaps it might just be an Ajax problem with my browser, so I've tried it in IE8, IE9, Chrome 16, Firefox 8 and Firefox 9.  The results are the same across all of the browsers.

I've also tried using the M3 VM, which is running version on Ubuntu 11, with the exact same results.  The "topology" drop down is missing from there, too (running FF 3.6.18)

Any ideas or suggestions?