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hive hangs when CWD is NFS mounted maprfs

Question asked by matt on Oct 5, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2011 by matt
In our mapr cluster we're using maprfs to do nfs mounted home directories, each user's home is its own volume.  We're primarily Pig and Java MapReduce users, but we've just started experimenting with Hive.  We haven't set up a metastore yet, so we're relying on the embedded Derby metastore at this point.  I noticed that when hive is run from a user's home directory, or any NFS mounted portion of maprfs, the "create table" command hangs indefinitely for even the most trivial table. There is also no logging to indicate what might be going on.

However, when we launch hive from a regular volume, it isn't a problem, hive works as expected. Is this potentially a problem with my nfs mount options? Or might this be a bug?  The nfs mount options are: hard,intr,nosuid