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m3 not starting up

Question asked by gabi_k on Sep 4, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2011 by gabi_k
I installed M3 on 3 nodes (master + 2 slaves), 
When I am trying to run then I can see in the cldb.log the following line: 
... "CLDB waiting for local mfs to register and become master" ... 
on mfs.out: 
cannot create cachefile /ramfs/mapr/cachefile, err 2lru inode (5), start      1, end 314160, inodes   314160 [  76M], dirtyquota 125664 [  30M] lru cluster (7), start      1, end  64503, cluster  64503 [  6M] 

on mfs.log: 
ERROR Replication fs/server/common/ clnt x.x.0.0:0 req 0 seq 0 Got error Connection  reset by peer (104) while trying to register with CLDB

netstat -an | grep 7222 
tcp        0      0      *                   LISTEN

and I can telnet to this port (no firewall)

any idea why those errors?