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What types of Compatibility/Reliability Testing are Done for the Hadoop Subprojects?

Question asked by jacques on Aug 29, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2011 by steven
I was unfortunate enough to discover an incompatibility in wal failure recovery between HBase and MapR.  You guys did a good job of quickly determining the solution and patching things.  For other's reference:  MapR took about 3 weeks to patch MapR and HBase to fix this problem (HBase side in HBASE-4169).

This experience made me wonder what the testing/validation process was for the Hadoop subprojects on MapR?  My sense is that Cloudera does extensive testing of their entire stack for each release.  Can you expound on MapR's approach?


Upon reading my question and MapR's response I realized that my question could come across as negative and/or unclear.  I'm really interested in how MapR validates the compatibility between HBase (and other Hadoop subprojects) and MapR.  My experience to date is that the MapR filesystem layer itself has been very robust which is impressive and completely supported by the description of testing that MapR provides below.