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hbase table disappear after failover attempt and fall back

Question asked by jimmy888 on Jul 27, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2011 by srivas
Hi, There:
  I am running M3, and I have created some hbase tables. I tried to do some failover test, by shutting down cldb machine, and configure cldb on another machine and reconfigure system. I don't have patience to wait for a long time, so I decide to abort the test, and reconfigure the system back to original and restart all warden.
  I checked the hadoop file system, task tracker, etc, everything seems to be fine. However, I noticed that one of the table that I heavily write disappeared. that table I insert data at 0.55M/second, and that table doesn't show up any more. The hdfs directory for it is still there. I tried to recover the table by running "
./hbase org.jruby.Main add_table.rb /hbase/mytable" , and the table then appears on the management console, but I can't click and view the detail of the table. I did a list in hbase shell, it shows up too, but I can't do "count 'mytable'" for this table. In the end , I have to disable the table , and drop it , and create a new one, essentially discarding all my data.
  Does anybody know why this happens ? What can I do to avoid this problem ?