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Question asked by jeffcb on Jul 27, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2011 by yufeldman
I have a 4 node cluster, nimbus1,...,nimbus4.  I ran this command on all 4 nodes:

/opt/mapr/server/ -C nimbus1 -Z nimbus1,nimbus2,nimbus3

It ran fine on the first 3, but on nimbus4 it fails.  configure.log contains:

INFO:Using 7222 port for CLDB nimbus1 
INFO:Using 5181 port for ZooKeeper nimbus1 
INFO:Using 5181 port for ZooKeeper nimbus2 
INFO:Using 5181 port for ZooKeeper nimbus3 
INFO:Node install STARTED 
INFO:Contructing ClusterConfFile: cldb node list: 
INFO:Contructing ClusterConfFile: Done 
INFO:Updating file client config 
ERROR: Can not find matching ZK node IP based on provided input: nimbus1:5181,nimbus2:5181,nimbus3:5181

There's nothing special about nimbus4.  If I replace nimbus3 with nimbus4 in the -Z parameter, then the command works on nimbus4 but not nimbus3.  What step am I missing?

Also, I installed all the mapr packages on all the nodes.  Is there any harm in doing that, apart from using a little extra disk space?  That is, if I don't start zookeeper on a particular node, then is having zookeeper installed on that node a no-op?  Seems this gives me the flexibility of choosing later which services run on which nodes.