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M3 distribution  CLDB failover problem

Question asked by jimmy888 on Jul 25, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2011 by yufeldman
Hi, There:
  I am trying to follow the instruction in to test M3 failover, I have cldb in node 1, which is the cldb node, and I confirmed the replicated cldb data is in node3. I have zookeepers on node1 , node 2, and node 3. I stopped warden on node 1, and all zookeepers, then I installed cldb in node 3, configured it, then restarted all zookeers and warden in node 3.
  The cldb doesn't come up, the error says that I don't have HA license. Can anybody tell what is going on ? According to, with M3 I should be able to do failover without HA license.

    2011-07-25 23:16:08,016 INFO  com.mapr.fs.cldb.zookeeper.ZooKeeperClient [pool-1-thread-1]: Storing KvStoreContainerInfo to ZooKeeper  Container ID:1 VolumeId:1 Master: Servers: Inactive Servers: Unused Servers:  Latest epoch:18
    2011-07-25 23:16:08,022 INFO  com.mapr.fs.cldb.CLDBServer [pool-1-thread-1]: CLDB Mode: MASTER_REGISTER_READY CLDB HA Check
    2011-07-25 23:16:08,030 INFO  com.mapr.kvstore.Operation [pool-1-thread-1]: setNoDelete=true
    2011-07-25 23:16:08,263 INFO  com.mapr.fs.license.LicenseManager [pool-1-thread-1]: 0xd: unique id: 00304899df22-64A93476-27B1-3004-C299-00304899DF22-0046727169-0052756481-0043679754
    2011-07-25 23:16:08,263 FATAL com.mapr.fs.license.LicenseManager [pool-1-thread-1]: CLDB HA check failed: not licensed, failover denied: elapsed time since last failure=22 minutes
    2011-07-25 23:16:08,263 INFO  com.mapr.fs.cldb.CLDBServer [pool-1-thread-1]: CLDB HA check returned: false
    2011-07-25 23:16:08,263 FATAL com.mapr.fs.cldb.CLDB [pool-1-thread-1]: CLDBShutdown: HA Check failed: Shutting down CLDB