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linux HA and DRBD with mapr

Question asked by jimmy888 on Jul 21, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2011 by lohit
Hi, There :
  With apache hadoop, I am using linux HA from and DRBD to provide namenode backup. With mapr distribution M3, I wonder if that trick still works. Does anybody have any experience with that ? I understand that if we use M5, we have no need for this. But right now I want to stick with M3 but provide some redundancy for the single instance of CLDB and NFS. Just want to check if anybody has done that or has experience with it.

  Another question I want to ask is that if I can mix M5 and M3 together. For example, I would like to keep the CLDB and NFS nodes to use M5 license, but for datanodes , I just keep M3. Can that work ?