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(SPOF, HA) With M3, what are recovery steps if someone spills Coke on the CLDB node?

Question asked by jacques on Jul 5, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2011 by kas
If I build an M3 edition cluster. Let's say the one node that has CLDB on it has a catastrophic failure. What are the steps to recovery? Can I install CLDB on a couple nodes but only bring it up on one? So would the recovery in that case be:

 - Primary CLDB node fails
 - Reassign ip/host of original CLDB node to another
 - Startup replacement host?
 - Startup the new CLDB?
 - Is there any copying or some scripts that need to be run on each node or ???

And part of my sense is that CLDB is the "equivalent" of NameNode in that it needs to exist for clients to operate properly?  If CLDB dies, do all clients die, too?