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Remote access to non-secure cluster

Question asked by eraleon on Aug 6, 2018
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I am trying to access a remote cluster that is non-secure. I have installed the maprcli in the remote machine and specified the CLDB nodes of the MapR cluster (via

If I try to run something simple from the remote machine like:

hadoop fs -ls

ls: User eraleon(user id XXXX)  does not have access to maprfs:/user/eraleon


Obviously user eraleon in the remote machine is not the same than user eraleon in the MapR cluster (who can successfuly do 'hadoop fs -ls' within the cluster)

There must be a way to specify the user and the password of the user executing 'hadoop fs -ls' into the cluster. As this is non-secure, I cannot use maprlogin.

Also tried --create-user, but no luck.


Any hint?