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Failed to find ticket for cluster

Question asked by tkrol1 on Jul 23, 2018
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I have a strange issue, I have a ticket to connect to the mapr cluster.

I have set env variable MAPR_TICKETFILE_LOCATION=/opt/mapr/tickets/maprticket

When I do maprlogin print, I get info about the ticket:


datalake: user = user_name, created = 'Thu Apr 22 00:23:06 CDT 2018', expires = 'Fri Apr 22 00:23:06 CDT 2019', RenewalTill = 'Wed May 01 00:23:06 CDT 2019', uid = 337533, gids = 510, CanImpersonate = false


However, when I do maprlogin authtest :

Failed to find ticket for cluster 'datalake', error =



$ hadoop fs -ls /
ls: failure to login: Unable to obtain MapR credentials


Don't understand it, because seems like its finding the ticket when I do maprlogin print, but then when I do maprlogin authtest it says "Failed to find ticket"