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MCS graph is not updated (always 0%)

Question asked by xsh on Jul 24, 2018

Hi, all.

I used Mapr 6.0.
I had shut down node of cluster for reboot.
After that, I could start MCS, but the graph was not displayed.
After seeing the following question and following the procedure, the graph is displayed.


MCS 6.0 not loading data in graphs 


But, displayed CPU and Disk and Memory does always 0%.
I watched Since the cluster utilization ratios in the upper right of the screen are displayed as 10%, 30%, 70%.
I think so the graphs are all displayed in the same way.
I did it well before shutting down.

now, I can not access to (Grafana node):3000
I do not know next to do for repair to state before shut down.
Do you know what I must do?

Thank you.